L’asclépiade une richesse écoresponsable du Québec

The milkweed, an eco-responsible wealth of Quebec

Couture & Violette textiles focuses on Eco-responsible fabrics and options for the confection of clothing and accessories because we really care about giving our planet a chance :)

We often say it but we think that every little gesture counts and sometimes it takes bigger gestures and this is what we are offering you today by introducing to you this last major innovation which is now available:

The milkweed

milkweed leaflet
Otherwise called “American silk” or “little field’s pig”… yes yes this native plant that grows everywhere in Quebec, often considered an “invasive weed” but which has a very important role to play in nature.

monarch butterfly milkweed flower

The milkweed in addition to being pretty in bloom is an important source of food for the monarch butterfly in particular but is also beneficial for several other pollinators including bees. This perennial grows super well in often more difficult conditions, requires less water and care than most fiber crops. It is therefore quite an innovation to use it as an Eco-responsible resource in our winter clothes.

 milkweed culture

What we offer you is an option cultivated and transformed here in Quebec, we can’t be more local than that :)
Milkweed by its hollow self-sealed structure and hydrophobic properties is an ultra-efficient, thin, ultra-light, Vegan and 100% biodegradable insulation, perfect as a natural insulation to layer in your coats, pants and winter overalls, mittens, scarves and insulated toques. The insulating performance is 3 times better than a typical synthetic insulation. Similar to Down, milkweed does not lose its warmth strength when wet (unlike down) in addition to being animal-free and cruelty-free of course :)
overalls and mat with milkweed insulation
milkweed insulator

Available by the meter in 100gsm (coat, pants, scarf, mitten), by the meter in 250gsm (mitten, scarf, toques or extreme cold coat) or by 250gsm piece (for small projects like mittens, scarves, toques)

- 100gsm Milkweed Vegan Insulation
- Vegan insulation 250gsm Milkweed
- Vegan insulation 250gsm Milkweed 15x20

 easy to sew milkweed

Easy to sew with stretch and / or fine pointed needles like microtex, the insulation can be quilted for better stability either in the inner layer or in the outer layer for a "puffer jacket" look.

A Couture and Violette Textiles exclusivity

Coat with milkweed isolnat