Comment ca marche vos tissus?

How are your fabrics working?

It has happened to all of us… We fall in love with a fabric but it is not the right color for us and moreover, we can't find colors that match perfectly ... How many times you have found a printed fabric with a beautiful pattern, but not the right color, or trying to find er a fabric to complete a project but which is no longer available at u store!

Chez Couture & amp; Violette Textiles, we've reinvented the way you can shop for your printed fabrics with on-demand production.

1- Pattern selection / design

< span lang = "fr-CA" xml: lang = "fr-CA"> First step is to choose the pattern you are interested in from a choice of more 615 patterns and designs in colors the most trendy. Each week more than 20 new patterns / unique designs are added to our exclusive collections.

Unlike many businesses of fabrics online, our patterns and designs are created by us or by local artists, they are not counterfeit patterns where copyright is unfortunately not respected.

2- Select your fabric for your project

Second step is to choose the fabric according to your needs among a choice de 11 eco-responsible fibers. Each fiber has been carefully chosen for its quality, durability and especially its local manufacture (Canada and USA). It's a responsible choice where every little gesture counts!

A swimsuit, athletic leggings, a piece of clothing supportive or just super comfortable, we have the right fiber. If you are in love with a pattern, you can have it on all your clothes no matter the type of fabric !!!

3- Production on demand

When you place your order we manufacture your fabrics! With a production capacity of up to 300meter / day we assure you a delivery in less than 3 days!

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to offer you the best quality on the market with more vivid and vibrant colors , sharper and more precise patterns.

No pre-order or you must wait months before receiving your fabrics, nor minimum quantity excessive and above all a local conception!

Passionate é de couture

We are passionate és sewing , you need information on fabrics, sewing machines, sewing techniques, we have the expertise and we can help you.

According to your preferences, by email, by Facebook, by phone and soon to our workshop, it will always be a pleasure for us to discuss sewing with you. :)

We can't wait to see your projects, happy sewing! :)