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T-shirt confortable et facile a faire de couleur bleu, blanc, rouge!

Comfortable and easy to make T-shirt in blue, white, red!

T-shirt and hat for hockey fans, super comfortable and easy to make in the colors blue, white and red!

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Hoodie enfant par Stéphanie Soulard

Children's hoodie by Stéphanie Soulard

Hoodie for children created by Stéphanie Soulard using fabrics from the Spaceship Univers collection and plain French terry bamdoo fabrics

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Hoodie adulte par Stéphanie Soulard

Adult hoodie by Stéphanie Soulard

Hoodie for adults created by Stéphanie with fabrics from the Bohème du Nord and Skulls and Peonies collection on a white background.

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