Printing on custom fabrics

Choice of eco-responsible fabrics for your personalized projects

Composition of fabrics

Sample available

Contact us to customize your fabrics (450) 779-7401

For better print quality, upload your files, patterns and images with our online service. The password to log in is violet

New Beta: Upload your files easily (username: purple and password purple)

Instructions for uploading your files

  1. Use password violet to log in
  2. Indicate your name and order number in the name space
  3. If you have multiple files, rename your files with the SKU and quantity to print. in order to avoid the risk of error. example file 1: BKJ 1m name.jpg, file 2: AKUC 2m name.jpg, etc...
  4. Upload your files!
  5. If you have any questions (450) 779-7401 or via our form on the contact page
  6. Address: