Our quality commitment

Our commitment to quality and advice to facilitate the best results: < br>
Our attention to detail is high and so is your satisfaction, which is why we want to share this information with you which will enable everyone to successfully produce the designs and finished products that we offer to you.

The quality control process at Couture & amp; Violette Textiles
We attach great importance to the quality of our products. From the selection of raw materials to the shipment of orders, including the storage and maintenance of equipment, each of our production stages is subject to a test process that allows us to always offer you a superior product. Every characteristic of all our products is followed through a quality management system.
The quality control system assures us that each of the treatment steps are carried out with care and attention. The professionalism with which we apply the measures of this system allows us to provide uniform and superior quality products to each of your orders, regardless of their production season.
When producing our printed fabrics or your custom fabrics, we perform tests to validate the characteristics of the final product, we are able to offer you a better quality product, guaranteed!

Integrity of the fabric size:

Due to the nature of the printing process that we use, a fabric may experience a shrinkage between 2 to 5%. This technique allows us to obtain very reliable colors but we must keep in mind that depending on the type of screen used and the fabric selected, the color may differ slightly. Some degree of variation is normal as is “dye lot” in the large scale tectile industry.

Tips for your personalized creation:

For best printing, we recommend that you use full size files at 300 dpi resolution. For large files, note that their downloads may take a few moments. For large orders (25 meters at a time and more) contact us for FTP access.

Quality custom fabric:

We print your fabrics by sublimation. The durability of this technique on fabric is impressive, it really stands the test of time. Washing instructions are available for each fiber.

To allow you to make an informed choice, it is possible to order a fiber sampler available for printing.

rpet and our environmentally responsible process:

The printing technique used allows us to '' obtain color reproduction while respecting the environment. We use water-based inks certified by ECO PASSPORT, an international safety standard in the textile industry, which means it is safe for adults, children and babies.

We favor recycled, recoverable, compostable and / or biodegradable materials at each stage of our production including during our shipments.

We consider that every little bit counts and in the development of Couture & amp; Violette Textiles is making great efforts. It is time to give ourselves the means to respect our environment a little more. From fabrics to packaging, we favor recycled and recyclable materials and even biodegradable when possible.

This is why we have chosen fibers that are only environmentally responsible and reasonable.

Oeko-tex 100 certified fabrics and fabrics made from rPet fibers. The patterns of our exclusive collection fabrics are made with a process that allows us to make you the most beautiful patterns from creations made by us and other talented artists. Images, creations, designs, arts printed on quality fabrics and all, respecting the rights of authors and creation.
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