Couture & Violette is the accumulation of passions of 2 people who love life and projects.

Jean-Yves, the tech!

It's him, a computer technician, patenteous, perfectionist, specialist in all that is digital and mechanical. It is the printing and production, the mainstay of the finished product. The organized guy who ships your orders quickly.

She is a jack-of-all-trades artist, photographer who studied Fashion Design. It is she who creates the collections by following the trends to come. The visual, the creative and the beautiful are his passion. Finding the perfect match between the pattern, the matching fabrics and even the yarn is her hobby.

Together they created a new entity for the creation and production of fabrics printed with trendy patterns. Quality fabrics with high-performance fibers respecting nature and the environment, Materials made of recycled water bottles and plastics as well as organic fibers such as cotton, wood pulp, bamboo and hemp.

Beautiful, soft and all environmentally sensitive and responsible.

Couture & Violette Textiles is the realization of a dream of a little girl and an artist which, we hope, will also be contagious to you and will allow you to carry out your creations and confections with style.

Our commitment to quality

About our eco-responsible fabrics