Depositphotos - Images and patterns for printing on fabrics

Depositphotos offers the possibility to buy royalty-free images for your projects, with a subscription ($1.45 per image) or download per image ($2.99 to $14.99 per image) you have access to more than 300 million images , patterns and design for printing on your fabrics, once the image or pattern is downloaded you can print as many times as you want on the fabric of your choice. You have questions or need help, it will be our pleasure to help you!

Beware of misleading images

Be careful on image download sites, when you see an image with an inscription 3 sets or 20 seamless patterns and other inscriptions, you are not downloading the 3 sets or the 20 patterns, but only the image with this inscription , so an image you won't be able to use.

you can use the following widget to search for an available pattern or image or go to the Depositphotos site for more details