Focus on the fibers - Micro fine twill

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Micro Fine Twill is a DWR (Durable water repellent) twill weave that naturally resists stains, water and other liquids due to its composition and weave. It is made of 100% polyester. It is not waterproof but is water resistant. It is thin and soft and above all eco-responsible .

Micro Fine Twill is used for several types of garments and accessories including pool shorts and men 's swimwear, all-season coats in outer and/or inner layers (insulation and lining will make the difference), handbags , hands, lunch bag, case and more.

Dresses made with micro fine twill fabric and halloween patterns

Material : 100% polyester

width: 57"/145cm

weight: 110gsm

stretch factor: none

needle to use: As it is a dense twill / twill weave, it is important to use a fine needle for finishing. Ideally a size 10 sharp / microtex needle

Certification: OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100

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