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 5 star review
Qualified and ultra service fast, both for an in-stock and personalized order. No pre-order, no hidden sale with a password, no waiting, it's delivered a few days later.
Excellent quality fabrics and prints every time. I buy regularly, it's my first choice.

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excellent service, fast and precise response, quick preparation and delivery, excellent fabric quality, fabric samples in the order were really appreciated because you can touch .... and prepare our next order. Recommended ... and it's a local product!
5 stars
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Excellent service, fast delivery excellent fabric quality !!! Much appreciated shopping experience!
 5 star services
Excellent product, the owner is super helpful (I made my graphic myself and she was a love from A to Z) the quality / the thickness of the fabric is a big wow at the level of are chitosante! She listens and advises really well she knows her stuff! Custom print received in 2 days!
5 star services!
Very nice product and excellent service! The owner kindly answered my questions since it was my first experience with this kind of fiber. I will clearly be ordering again!