instruction etui lunette

What’s included in the box

In this project box you will find everything needed to make 2 glasses cases:

2 different printed fabrics from the selected exclusive collection

fusible interfacing for each of the cases

A spool of yarn in matching or contrasting colours

the magnets

as well as bonus purple seam clips

we suggest tracing on paper the 3 mains pieces if you wish to make more cases out of your other fabric remnants. If so, do it before sewing your projects.


Getting ready and iron-on fusible interfacing

Prepare all 3 pieces of fabric as well as their 3 copies in the iron on fusible Interfacing.

The iron on fusible Interfacing will stick permanently on the fabric, be careful to keep each piece « squared » « straight » to join the fabric and interfacing without skewing the pieces. Once place on top of the interfacing, press with the iron for about 8 seconds.
Every iron are different, it is
recommended to use a medium heat setting (synthetic fabrics). In doubt, test a scrap piece before the actual project.

The iron on fusible Interfacing has one mat side and the shiny’ish side is the glue that will be stick to the wrong side of the printed fabrics.


Cut the pieces with cissors or rotary cutter

After the pieces have been pressed with the iron, cut the fabrics following the cut line. Both scissors (sharpen) or rotary cutter are equally great to use on small project like this one, it all depends on your preference.


Marking and magnets

Turn the big pieces on the « wrong » side and mark the horizontal folding lines as well as the median vertical lines (middle) like show in the image. Mark at 1cm from the edge of the curved end of one of the piece (the piece that will be the interior of the case) and 1cm from the edge of the straight end of the second piece (the one that will be the exterior of the case. This is where both magnets are going to be sewn. Be careful to have both magnets cap on top. Use clips to keep in place.




Sewing magnets

Sew the magnet on each big pieces. It is recommend to sew 2 sides of the magnet but one stitch line on top is often enough in my experience.





Optional reinforcement piece

La 3ième pièce est la pièce de renforcement optionnelle. Elle permet de donner un peu plus de structure à l’intérieur de l’étui. La placer en alignant les lignes de pliures ensembles comme sur l’image. La pièce de renforcement se place sur l’envers de la grande pièce qui servira d’intérieur à votre étui. Utiliser les pinces pour la garder en place aide à coudre en courbe.

Sewing the reinforcement piece

With a 1/4in (0.6cm) seam allowance or less if you are comfortable and skill to sew near the edge. Sew the reinforcement piece to the interior part of the case on both sides.



Preparing assembling with clips

Put both big pieces right sides together. It is easier to use clip to keep in place both pieces when it is semi-rigid and have curves like this project does. You don’t need that many clips once you are familiar with the project.







With a 1/4in (0.6cm) seam allowance sew around the edge of the project without closing the “straight” top. It is recommended to double secure the folding points, the start and end of the piece.




Cut corners and angles

Before turning the case on the good side, cut (without going through the stitching) all angles and corners to help disperse the seam allowance. Fold in the top straight side of 1/4” (0.6cm) and press with the iron. Turn the case on the right side.


Getting the corners out

Once the case is turned on the right side, make sure to get the corners out. You can use a corner tool or a clean small flat screwdriver. Careful not to rip the stitching. Press the case and do a finishing seam

on the curve top.

Press and topstitch

Press the case flat. Top stitch the curb part.

Clip the sides

Fold the curve top (on itself) on the central portion which will create the glasses pocket. Use clips to hold in place and sew a 1/4in (0.6cm) seam allowance to close both side of the pocket as well as closing the open top part which will become the closing flap of the case.






Sewing the side and finish the project

Sew a 1/4in (0.6cm) seam allowance to close both side of the pocket as well as closing the open top part which will become the closing flap of the case. This is a good moment to add the label inside the open top before it gets closed if you wish.

Case complete

Voilà! You now have a beautiful glasses case made by you :)


There is that moment when we are so happy to share what we made :) We will be more than happy to see it all :)
You can use #CVTproject and #coutureviolettetextiles on your socials if you wish :)